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Step 3


Now that you've practised all of your own i_e words, try and learn these words for your spelling sheet. Will you get 100% on Friday? We know you'll try your best! 


Write your own silly sentences, remembering to start with a capital letter and complete with a full stop or question mark for each question word:

Remember to use adjectives to describe your nouns. Can you use exciting verbs? 

Who can write the silliest sentence? Did it make someone laugh?


Story Writing

Tell your story to someone in your house.

How does a story begin? ONCE UPON A TIME

How does a story end? THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

Write it in your exercise book and draw a picture to illustrate.

Don't forget to use your capital letters and full stops. See if you can include ! or ? too! 


Children to answer in FULL sentences in their books, using the question as a sentence starter (eg: How did Jack get the magic beans? Jack got the magic beans by taking the cow to market.)



Video 3 - copy and complete in exercise book.

Mrs Kelly's Funday Friday Handwriting 8.5.20 STEP 3 ine ime join in words

Elmgrove PS Belfast's Primary 3 handwriting video lesson for ine ime join in words. 8.5.20.