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Step 3


Story of 20-


Money - Change from 50p
Complete the worksheets calculating change from 50p. Try to use the empty number line method to count on. 


Doubles and Near Doubles


Function Machines
Watch this video to see how to solve 2 step function machines.

2 step function machines

Try some 2 step function machines in this fun game

Now complete worksheet


Word Problems

Now have a go at these word problems. Read them carefully and see what the important information is. Ask your adults to help you solve them. Use the empty number line strategy with friendly numbers to help you work out the answers. 


Adults, there is a 100 square and a tutorial on the empty numberline within 'Teaching Notes'. The children are familiar with these strategies.

Remember to break your numbers down into TENS and UNITS. Using the empty number line, add on the tens (40 = 10 10 10 10) and then add on the units.