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Step 3


Phonics - ay sound
Complete the RED group spelling sheet.



Watch PowerPoint on there, their, they’re and complete worksheet

By Bye Buy - Blazer Fresh | GoNoodle

Finish with a song by, buy,bye


Independent Writing - The Enormous Turnip

Can you write your alternative ending to the  story in your literacy book? Remember to start with: The little old man pulled, and pulled. and pulled, but still the turnip wouldn’t budge. 

And end with: They all lived happily ever after.

Don’t forget to use capital letters and full stops. It would be super if you managed from exclamation marks and question marks!

Send us some of your super stories:


Comprehension - The Enormous Turnip

Support your child as necessary when they are reading the story. 

The children to answer in FULL sentences in their books, using the question as a sentence starter

(eg: How did the old man pull the turnip out of the ground? The old man pulled the turnip out of the ground using a rope and his friends’ help.)

Encourage your child to check their spelling using the story and the word bank. They should start each answer with a capital letter and end with the correct punctuation. 


Handwriting - words with ol and ot join

Watch the video and complete 2 lines of each word with the ol and ot join. 

Mrs Kelly's Funday Friday Handwriting Step 3 - ol and ot join in words 12.6.20

Elmgrove PS's Primary 3 handwriting lesson for the ol and ot joins within words.