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Step 3


Phonics - ea sound

Complete the red group spelling sheet.


Grammar - Using High Frequency Words

Try this game- can you spell all the tricky words (select Year 2)

Can you write sentences in your book using the High Frequency words, maybe you can remember last week’s learning and add some homophones. You could send your teacher your best sentence.


Independent Writing - An Alternative Ending to Hansel and Gretel

Can you write your alternative ending to the  story in your literacy book? Remember to start with:

The witch locked Hansel in the cage. She wanted to fatten him up.

And end with: They all lived happily ever after.

Don’t forget to use capital letters and full stops. It would be super if you managed from exclamation marks and question marks!

Send your stories to:


Comprehension - Hansel and Gretel

Read the story together with support as necessary. Talk about the story.

Ask the children to answer in FULL sentences in their books, using the question as a sentence starter (eg: Why did the witch put Hansel in a cage? The witch put Hansel in a cage because she wanted to eat him.

Pupils can write their answers in their exercise book.


Handwriting - wh joins inside words
Watch video 3. Complete 2 lines of each word in your exercise books. Each word has 2 joins inside it, so be really careful, make sure you're wearing your concentration hats! 

Mrs Kelly's Funday Friday Handwriting Step 3 wh join inside words 19.6.20