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Step 3


Phonics - igh sound

Complete the red group spelling sheet.


Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives

Can you think of nouns, adjectives and verbs to write some statement sentences about your life since the start of home learning? Use the videos to give you ideas. 


Independent Writing - My P3 Year

In your literacy book and using your picture plan, can you write your sentences. One for each picture - remember to use your adjectives.

Eg: In P3 we went on an exciting trip to Castle Espie. 

Title: My P3 Year


Comprehension - Celebrating the NHS

Read the text and support your child as necessary. 

Encourage your child to read the questions and answer independently - they may need some support with unfamiliar vocabulary.


Handwriting - of / if joins in words

Watch our final handwriting video. 

Copy each word, completing 2 lines of each word in your exercise book.

Mrs Kelly's Funday Friday Handwriting Lesson Step 3 of and if joins in words WB 22.6.20

Elmgrove PS Belfast's Primary 3 handwriting lesson step 3 for WB 22.6.20.