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School's Out


It's so hard to believe that we've almost come to the end of the school year! We P6 teachers have been really missing you all and our usual end of year activities. We are really proud of how you have coped with home learning, keeping up with Mathletics, Bug Club, iHub and tasks set. You have definitely earned a rest, but so that you won't be bored over the summer, we have found some fun activities for you to enjoy while you learn. We hope that you have a great summer! Keep safe! laugh



Set aside time each day to read: Do art projects based on your favourite titles, such as drawing a favourite scene, or making paper bag puppets.

Create a summer scrapbook: Create a scrapbook or journal of what you do over the summer. Record family stories or interesting events from each day, whether you’re going away for the day or just going to your neighbourhood park. You could stick in receipts, tickets or photos or even draw your own pictures.

Sell summer: Try a new product or activity and write about it. How would you describe it? Would you recommend it? Create an advertisement to sell it to others.

Summer sleuth: Follow a story in a newspaper during the summer, or investigate a local story. Write about the event as it unfolds so that you have it documented from start to finish.

Play it: Take an adventure book with a clear plot (The Phantom Tollbooth, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, etc.) and invent a board game based on it.

Comic strip: Write a comic strip about a fictional character or yourself. See how long you can keep the strip going. Read classic comics for inspiration.

Keep a diary: Write a diary for each day of the summer recording what you did. These are always fun to read back on when you’re older.

To access myOn click on the link above then complete the following:


  1.          a. School Name: Elmgrove Primary School
             (type the first few letters and select from the drop-down menu)
             b. Username: elmgrove952student
             c. Password: read
  2. Click on the Sign In button, select a book, and start reading!


Mathletics and Times Table Rockstars


Change It Up: Start collecting change in a jar on the first day of summer. On the last day, estimate your change, count it and plan a special purchase. 


Summer Patterns: Create patterns using summer items (lollipop sticks, shells, flowers), or draw a pattern in sand or dirt using a stick or your hands. See how long can you carry out your pattern. 


Napkin Fractions: Fold a paper napkin into large and small fractions, from one half to one sixteenth. Use markers to label and decorate the different fractions. 


Record-breakers: Use a stopwatch to time yourself running, roller blading, swimming or biking. Then try to beat your time. Be sure to keep the distance you're moving each time the same. Create a graph to show your results. 


Where will you be?: Using a map, calculate where you will be if you travel 20, 50, 100 or 1,000 miles from home. Use the scale bar to help you! 


Shape Art: Try making different 2D shapes using natural objects from your garden. Can you make a square, isosceles triangle, parallelogram?


Baking: Enjoy baking some buns and following a recipe together. Measure out your ingredients using a set of scales - try to be as accurate as you can!



The World Around Us


Map the weather: Keep a  running log of the weather. Include temperature, humidity, clouds, precipitation, wind, air pressure. Can you predict what the weather will be like tomorrow?


Hot weather inventor: Design an invention that you can use during summer. Some ideas:- sunglasses that change colour from red to yellow to blue or a new beach toy/ game.

Answer a question: How long does it take an ice cube to melt outside in the summer heat? In the fridge? In an air conditioned or ventilated room? Have a guess and then test it out. Time your results.


Float or sink?: In a pool or the bath, hypothesize which items (soap, dry sock, bottle of shampoo, rock, etc) will float or sink. Test your hypotheses.


Map of the world: Study a map of the world an try to learn the location of as many countries as you can. Learn their capital cities, what continent they are in and what their national flag looks like.


Dream holiday destination: Think of a country you would like to visit some day. Use the internet, books, magazines and TV documentaries to research this country. Find out about the people and animals that live there. Research its history, climate, size, location, capital city, flag, etc. Make a scrap book about it. You never know, you might get to go there some day! wink


Museum gallery: Collect pinecones, rocks, shells, or other natural objects to organise, categorise and label. Present your own natural history museum.


Brush up on history: choose a time in the distant past and research this period to find out more about the people who lived then.


Bird spotting: see how many different types of birds you can spot in your garden or when you're out and about. Can you identify and name them?


Art and craft


Why not spend being creative over the summer. Click on the website below to discover some great art and craft ideas including making mini minions, paper bracelets and sun catchers.

RE and SU


Now that you have more time, you could click on the SU star on the first Home Learning page. Why not watch one video per day to listen in to what the SU gang have to say? laugh


Also, check out the link below to watch some well know stories from the Bible.

The Beginners Bible