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Numeracy - Revision of Decimals, Fractions and Percentages


Hope everyone is doing well! This week's focus is a little revision for the children on decimals, fractions and percentages. This is a really important aspect for the children to grasp. 


Daily Timetable for Numeracy Lessons

Mathletics 15 minutes

Times Table Rockstars 5 minutes

Mental Maths task/game 10 minutes

Task (organised under Steps 1,2,3) 30 minutes - PowerPoints/games can be found under each step for the children to work through before completing their task


Learning Focus

In preparation for their Friday test, the children will need to learn the following times tables this week: 

Group 1 - x2, x5, x10

Group 2 - x4

Group 3 - mixed x2-x12


The children will also revise their understanding of the terms multiple and factor. See the links below which can be used for revision throughout the week. On Friday ask the children to give some multiples and factors of different numbers  and ask some questions on their times tables.  

*Remember multiples are the answers to the times tables e.g multiples of 2 - 2, 4, 6, 8

Factors are pairs of numbers you can multiply together to give you the selected number e.g. factors of 24 - 1, 24, 2, 12, 3, 8, 4, 6

Common multiples are answers that are in both numbers' times tables e.g 15 is common to both x3 and x5. 




Useful Poster on the Relationship Between Decimals, Fractions and Percentages


Today's focus is a little revision on the relationship between decimals and fractions. We understand this by looking at the place of each digit in a decimal number e.g 0.2 = 2 in the tenths column = 2/10. 0.25= 2 in the tenths and a 5 in the hundredths = 25/100. See the videos for an in-depth explanation in each step. When confident the children can then complete their task. Mental Maths today is our next UR Brainy set of questions. Answers are included in each step. 



Today we are revising how we round decimals. The children should already know our rounding rhymes (4 or less let it rest/5 or more raise the score or 0-4 on the floor, 5-9 climb the vine) and should be confident rounding to the nearest whole number by looking at the digit in the tenths column. The challenge for Step 2 and 3 children will be rounding the nearest tenth by looking at the digit in the hundredths column e.g 2.45 = 2.5 when rounding to the nearest tenth as I have a 5 (meaning I need to round up in my hundredths column). Allow the children lots of time to go through the PowerPoint before beginning their task. Mental maths today - Topmarks game revising doubling and halving. The link can be found under your child's step. Allow the children to play a few times to see if they can beat their last score. 



Today we are revising how to order decimals. There is a PowerPoint for the children to work through prior to completing their task. Focus first of all on ordering the numbers by looking at the whole numbers, if these are the same look at the tenths (e.g 5.6 is larger than 5.2) and if these digits are the same, guide the children to look at the digit in the hundredths column (e.g 5.62 is smaller then 5.69) and if needed the thousandths and so on. Mental Maths today is another UR Brainy set of questions. 



Over the next two days the children will be revising the links between fractions, decimals and percentages. We have learnt these before in P6 but revision of this concept it vital. The children will hopefully be confident converting fractions and decimals from Monday's lessons. With the addition of percentages, the children need to remember that percentage simply means out of 100. Therefore 24 hundredths 0.24 = 24/100 = 24%. 2 tenths = 2/10 or 20/100 = 20%. Use the PowerPoint under your child's step to revise this concept before completing the task. Mental Maths is the halving game on TopMarks Daily 10. Again allow your child to try it out a few times to see if they can get a little faster and beat their score. 



The children are again revising the relationship that exists between fractions, decimals and percentages. There is a game the children can access (before completing their task) on the Twinkl Go website using the code  SK2740


For their mental maths/Friday test complete the Basic Maths Test found under each step. Answers are on the second page. The children will also need their times tables tested. Either call these out or use the Hit the Button  game link below to ensure the children are fluent with their tables when under time pressure!