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Numeracy - Data Handling


This week we are going to revise bar charts and line graphs and introduce trickier pictograms and pie charts to support the children's understanding of this area. Have a look at this PowerPoint with your child to introduce that data can be represented in lots of different ways. 

Daily Timetable for Numeracy Lessons

Mathletics 15 mins

Times Table Rockstars 5 mins

Mental maths game/task 10 mins

Task 30 mins

PowerPoints/videos/games to try before completing the task can be found under your child's step. 


Learning Focus

In preparation for their Friday test, the children will need to learn the following times tables this week: 

Group 1 - x3

Group 2 - x6

Group 3 - mixed x2-x12

The children will also revise their number bonds to 1 and 10 (decimals) e.g. 0.7+0.3=1.0, 5.4 +4.6=10

Use the games below throughout the week to revise these. 


Today's focus is on pictograms. There are some examples to look at under your child's step before they begin their task. Mental Maths UR Brainy questions and answers can be found in the steps. 



Today we are focusing on line graphs. Watch the video before completing the task. The children can find their mental maths Top Marks game in their step. The children will need a pencil and page to jot down their answers. Play a few times, can you complete each questions in only 3 seconds?



Today the children are revising bar charts and answering questions on line graphs. There is a bar chart PowerPoint and game under your child's step with a few questions for them to try before their task. Mental Maths UR Brainy questions and answers can be found in the steps.



Today we are focusing on pie charts. Encourage your child to make the connection between pie charts, fractions and percentages.  There is a PowerPoint under your child's step explaining how data can be represented in a pie chart. If the children wish there is an extension art task they can try, creating a pie chart on their day. Step 1 children will also be revising the use of tally charts. 



The children will complete  a review of their data handling learning in their step. They can find their Friday test questions and answers under their step. The children will also need their times tables and decimal number bonds tested. These can be tested using the Hit the Button game link below to test the children under time pressure.