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Numeracy Focus - Converting Units of Measurement


This week's focus is on converting units of measurement. Revise last week's work on using our place value columns to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1,000. This week's tasks can also be substituted for any practical household tasks including baking and measuring household items (just encourage the children to convert the weight/length/capacity units of measurement. 


Daily Timetable for Numeracy Lessons

Mathletics 15 mins

Times Table Rockstars 5 mins

Mental maths game/task 10 mins

Task 30 mins

PowerPoints/videos/games to try before completing the task can be found under your child's step. 


Learning Focus

In preparation for their Friday test, the children will need to learn the following times tables: 

Group 1 - x4

Group 2 - x9

Group 3 - mixed x2 to x12 and associated division facts


The children will also need to revise their measurement facts for their Friday test (see the posters above). 


No tasks today - enjoy the Bank Holiday together! :) 



The children will complete their UR Brainy task for their mental maths. Today's focus is on assessing the children's confidence when converting metric measures. Try the PowerPoint quiz and read the facts at the top of their task sheet carefully to encourage the children to make links between mm/cm/m, ml/l, g/kg. Discuss at home using baking scales, bathroom scales, measuring jugs and tape measures to support the children's understanding. 



The children will play the fraction matching game for their mental maths starter. Today's focus is on converting between grams and kilograms. Reinforce the link and our magic number 1,000. Children completing Steps 2 & 3 have some word problems to try as an extension. Ensure the children use their written methods for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division as required. 



The children will complete their UR Brainy task for their mental maths. Today's focus in on the area of length. The children will be converting between mm, cm, m and km. Work through the PowerPoints and encourage the children to read their task pages carefully. It may be useful to have a ruler/tape measure at hand to allow the children to do some real-life comparisons. 



Today's focus is on converting units of capacity (ml, l). Again, reinforce our magic number 1,000. Ensure the children work through the PowerPoints prior to beginning their task. Keeping a measuring jug at hand would be useful for the children today. There are some word problems for children completing Step 3 to try to encourage them to apply their new understanding. 


Friday Test 

See the link below to test the children's times tables. The children's Friday test maths questions can be found under each step. If the children have struggled with converting units of measurement this week a review sheet can be found under the children's steps (complete if you feel your child needs extra revision). Step 1 - complete A, Step 2 - complete B, Step 3 - complete C.