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Teaching Notes

Spelling activities can be completed each day in the familiar format as follows:

Monday- Find and write out dictionary definitions for the first 4 of your spellings using an online or paper dictionary.

Tuesday- Choose 4 of your spellings and put these into sentences. Remember to be creative and use sentences we have looked at this year such as 2A, simile and list.

Wednesday- Write all of your spellings in alphabetical order.

Thursday- Learn your spellings using the 'look, say, cover, write, check' table provided beneath the spelling list.

Friday- Complete a test on your spellings.

MONDAY BANK HOLIDAY: No grammar work today because of the bank holiday. Enjoy your day off!

Tuesday Talking & Listening and First News iHub

For Talking & Listening this week, choose at least 3 of the question cards provided to start a discussion with a member of your household.
Remember to log in to the First News iHub and try some of the fantastic activities based on the latest edition of First News.
This week we will be revising how to punctuate direct speech. Use the PowerPoint to revise some of the key rules. Remember, speech marks can also be called quotation marks or inverted commas so keep that in mind when reading through the tasks for this week. There is also a useful help sheet that you can use to help you when completing your work.

This block our writing will be all about the wonderful world of animals. You will be designing an exciting animal park that can be based on either real or imaginary animals; it’s up to you!

You will complete one task each week. We are looking forward to seeing some amazing designs and some lively writing. You may even want to make a model. Now it’s time to have some fun.

Follow the brief and remember to give yourself enough time each week so that you don’t leave anything out. Be organised and you will succeed. Good luck! 


Friday Comprehension

Our final topic in P6 is Rivers. Your comprehension task this week will allow you to learn some basic information about rivers including some well-known rivers from around the world. Use this PowerPoint to learn some key facts about the main rivers of the world before beginning your work.