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Teaching Notes

Spelling activities can be completed each day in the familiar format as follows:

Monday- Find and write out dictionary definitions for the first 4 of your spellings using an online or paper dictionary.

Tuesday- Choose 4 of your spellings and put these into sentences. Remember to be creative and use sentences we have looked at this year such as 2A, simile and list.

Wednesday- Write all of your spellings in alphabetical order.

Thursday- Learn your spellings using the 'look, say, cover, write, check' table provided beneath the spelling list.

Friday- Complete a test on your spellings.

Two weeks ago we began looking at using prefixes. This week we are going to learn about suffixes. A suffix is a group of letters that is added to the end of a word to change its meaning. For example, adding ed to jump changes the word to jumped and changes its meaning to the past tense. There are lots of different suffixes and different suffix rules. There are also a few exceptions! For this reason we will not only be focusing on suffixes today but also on Wednesday. Remember, you are not expected to know all the rules off by heart but its useful to learn a few examples as it will help you with your spelling skills moving forward.

Tuesday Talking & Listening and First News iHub

For Talking & Listening this week, choose at least 3 of the question cards provided to start a discussion with a member of your household.
Remember to log in to the First News iHub and try some of the fantastic activities based on the latest edition of First News.

On Monday we looked at adding the suffixes ed, er, est, ing, y, ly and ment. Today we are going to look at adding the suffixes ation and ous. Watch the videos provided to help you complete your tasks. Remember to just try your best! You may find you are already familiar with the spelling of many of these words.

Once you have completed your tasks you can try the Who Wants to be a Millionaire quiz for a bit of fun at the end!

Last week we began our new writing project called 'Animal Magic'. This writing project is all about designing your own animal park and last week you began by drawing a map of your park. This week you will be designing a guide or leaflet to help your visitors find their way around and explain how your park works. Click on the task provided to find out more!

Friday Comprehension

As part of our Rivers topic it is interesting to explore many of the main rivers in Europe. Have a look at the map. Do you recognise the names of any of these key rivers? Can you figure out which country they are in? Our comprehension this week will help us learn even more about these important European rivers.