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Numeracy Focus – Revision of Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division – Inverse Operations


This week’s focus is on revising the four operations before exploring the concept of inverse operations (opposite) in preparation for some function machine work next week. Remember we do not expect parents/guardians to print tasks, a notebook is fine for jotting down answers.


Daily Timetable for Numeracy Lessons

Mathletics 15 mins

Times Table Rockstars 5 mins

Mental maths game/task 10 mins

Task 30 mins

PowerPoints/videos/games to try before completing the task can be found under your child's step. 


Learning Focus

In preparation for their Friday test, the children will need to continue to revise the following times tables: 

Group 1 – x3 & x4

Group 2 – x7

Group 3 - mixed x2 to x12 and associated division facts


Revise the names of common 2D shapes and discuss number of sides. See poster below.

Learning Homework


The children will complete their UR Brainy task for their mental maths. Step 1 children are again focusing on adding three numbers. Encourage the children to look for their number bonds (2 numbers that add to make 10, 15, 20) before adding the third number.


Today the children will revise their written methods for addition and subtraction. See the poster revising addition below. Remember the children need to carry the tens across to the next column. There is a video to support the children’s revision of subtraction. See the rhyme on the poster below we used in school. Step 1 – complete section A on both pages. Step 2 – complete section A, Step 3 – complete section B .


The children will revise reading numbers up to 10,000 in their Snowball Smash game for their mental maths. Today the children are revising multiplication and division.


Step 1 – The children should play the game using their times tables to revise key multiplication and division facts. If they can do this with ease, watch the video (up to 2 mins 40 seconds) revising the written method for multiplication. *If they find these tricky focus on these games for numeracy today and do not complete the written task. The children then have some questions in their extension revising how to multiply using the written method. *Remember to carry the tens to the tens column. If they need to look up the answers to some tables that's fine!


Step 2 & 3 – Step 2 children complete Part A, Step 3 – Part B. There are videos for the children to watch revising how to use the written method for multiplication and division (often called the bus stop method). Multiplication – some key points -  carry tens to tens column to add once tens have been multiplied e.g 13 x 5, 3 x5 = 15, put down the 5 and carry the 1 to the tens column, 1 x 5 = 5 + 1 (carried from units) = 6, answer= 65. The video explains this. Division – carry remainders to the next digit. If the question results in a remainder e.g. 75 ÷ 2 record the answer above the bus stop as 37 r 1.



Today the children have their next UR Brainy task for mental maths. Step 1 children are again focusing on adding three numbers. Encourage the children to look for their number bonds (2 numbers that add to make 10, 15, 20) before adding the third number.


Before beginning their tasks the children have a video to watch. Ensure they watch this as today is the first day introducing addition/subtraction, multiplication/division as inverse operations.



  • Step 1 encourage the children to realise that by using the same three numbers they can make numerous number sentences using the opposite (inverse operation) e.g. 25 – 18 = 7   so 7 + 18 = 25  or 6 x 3 = 18 so 18 ÷ 3 = 6.


  • Steps 2 & 3 have some number puzzles to solve using their knowledge of the inverse. Step 2 complete Part A (blue), Step 3 complete Part B (green). When solving what numbers are missing (represented by shapes) encourage the children to check their work using the inverse e.g. 78 – 34 = 44  so 44 + 34 = 78.


In the questions below (blue section) the children need to use the inverse to find the missing digit, 23 + ?4 = 37,  37 – 23 = 14   ? = 14.

Step 3, Green section  4? + ?2 = 54    54 – 42 = 12    42 + 12 = 54,    4? + ?8 = 73   

73 – 48 = 25      45 + 28 = 73   The children need to distribute their tens and units where they are missing.


Today the children are again focusing on the concept of inverse operations. For mental maths the children have a Snowball Smash game to complete. Focus on division to speed up the children’s recall of their division facts.




– Step 1 children are focusing on addition and subtraction as inverse operations. They have some addition questions to answer before calculating the inverse subtraction calculation e.g 325 + 126 = 451   so 451 – 126 = 325. It is simply a case of working backwards. There is an easier level if your child finds addition tricky. Pupils can watch yesterday’s video for a little recap if needed.


  • Step 2 & 3 children have a video to watch on ‘I’m Thinking of a Number’. These require the children to work backwards using the inverse to find the first number. Try the questions along with the teacher in the video before beginning the task. For their task the children must use the inverse. For the last three questions, the children will need to use a little trial and error using their knowledge of multiples. Don't worry about these last three questions if they're too tricky for your child, they're simply to extend their knowledge. Talk through the answers together. 



Today the children have some Sports Day themed questions/investigation to complete as tomorrow, Saturday 13th June, is the Healthy Kidz Virtual Sports Day. Although it appears that Step 2 & 3 children have a lot of pages, please do not print these but work out the answers to each clue in a notebook before returning to the list of suspects on pages 2 & 3 and eliminate pupils using the answers to the clues – Who stole the Missing Sack for Sports Day?


Friday Test 

See the link below to 'Hit the Button' to test the children's times table recall speed. The children's Friday test maths questions can also be found under each step.