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Teaching Notes

Spelling activities can be completed each day in the familiar format as follows:

Monday- Find and write out dictionary definitions for the first 4 of your spellings using an online or paper dictionary.

Tuesday- Choose 4 of your spellings and put these into sentences. Remember to be creative and use sentences we have looked at this year such as 2A, simile and list.

Wednesday- Write all of your spellings in alphabetical order.

Thursday- Learn your spellings using the 'look, say, cover, write, check' table provided beneath the spelling list.

Friday- Complete a test on your spellings.

Monday Grammar

This week we will be revising homophones. Homophones are words that sound the same but have a different meaning. For example, night and knight. Night is the time of day when it is dark outside whereas a knight is a type of soldier from medieval times who wore shining armour. Use the PowerPoint and song provided to explore some more common homophones. You are probably already familiar with most of them!

Tuesday Talking & Listening and First News iHub

For Talking & Listening this week, choose at least 3 of the question cards provided to start a discussion with a member of your household.
Remember to log in to the First News iHub and try some of the fantastic activities based on the latest edition of First News.
This week we are going to revise how to put words into alphabetical order. Use the alphabet picture and instruction poster to help you with your ordering. Once you feel you have the hang of it you can play the game provided to practise your skills before attempting your work. 

The Alphabet

Last week as part of our writing project called 'Animal Magic' you designed a guide or leaflet for your park. This week you are going to create a poster advertising your park. Remember to think about how to appeal to your target audience and don't forget to make it bright, bold and eye-catching! You will also need to include details about your park including prices, directions and opening hours.

Friday Comprehension

This week you are going to learn all about the Giant Panda for your comprehension task. This information might come in useful when adding details to your 'Animal Magic' writing work.