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Numeracy Focus – Function Machines


This week’s focus is on the area of function machines. The children will be able to calculate the output number, rule (function) and the input number.  Remember we do not expect parents/guardians to print tasks, a notebook is fine for jotting down answers.

Daily Timetable for Numeracy Lessons

Mathletics 15 mins

Times Table Rockstars 5 mins

Mental maths game/task 10 mins

Task 30 mins

PowerPoints/videos/games to try before completing the task can be found under your child's step. 


Learning Focus

In preparation for their Friday test, the children will need to continue to revise the following times tables: 

Group 1 – x3 and divide by 3

Group 2 – x8

Group 3 - mixed x2 to x12 and associated division facts


Revise the names of common 3D shapes and discuss their properties. See poster below.



The children will complete their UR Brainy task for their mental maths. Today the children will revise basic function machine work, calculating the output number when they know the input and the rule. There is a PowerPoint for the children to go through prior to completing their task. If your child finishes their task early ask them to make up some function machines of their own. Send some for our school Facebook page to challenge everyone!




The children will revise telling the time in their mental maths game. Step 1 will tell the time up to 15 minute intervals, Step 2 - 5 minute intervals and Step 3 minute intervals. Revise yesterday’s introduction to function machines using the PowerPoint from Monday. Today the children will be calculating the output when there are two rules/functions to apply to their input number. Encourage the children to calculate each step carefully and to check their answers using the inverse (starting with the output number and applying the opposite rule to get the input number).  



Today the children have their next UR Brainy task for mental maths. Step 2 and 3 children are to watch the Corbett Maths video on Function Machines. This will revise how to find the output number, use the inverse to find the input number and to use a knowledge of number operations to find the missing rule/function. The children then have a task to complete finding the input number and the rule/function. *Remember use the inverse and look for clues. If the number increased it was x or + if it decreased – or  ÷. Step 1 children are completing more work on 2 step function machines. Completing their own in the last question. Step 3 children have an extension to complete (page one time permitting).



For mental maths the children have a game to complete, matching fractions and percentages. Today Step 2 and 3 children have a PowerPoint to go through on BBC Bitesize to revise what they have learnt about function machines this week. Step 1 children have a video to watch to revise how to use the inverse operation to find the missing input number. When working out the rule in their task encourage the children to use their number knowledge to find the missing number. Step 2 & 3 children complete pages 1 & 2.



Today the children have some mental arithmetic questions to complete. Look at the posters under Friday in your child’s step to revise key mathematical areas/vocabulary which will come up in their task.

Step 1 children complete Test 1

Step 2 children complete Test 1

Step 3 children complete A B & C


Friday Test 

See the link to Hit the Button below to test their times tables. The children's Friday test maths questions can be found under each step.



We hope you’ve enjoyed your function machine work this week. Why not make a robot poster and place different numbers/rules on cards to test your family!