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Teaching Notes

Spelling activities can be completed each day in the familiar format as follows:

Monday- Find and write out dictionary definitions for the first 4 of your spellings using an online or paper dictionary.

Tuesday- Choose 4 of your spellings and put these into sentences. Remember to be creative and use sentences we have looked at this year such as 2A, simile and list.

Wednesday- Write all of your spellings in alphabetical order.

Thursday- Learn your spellings using the 'look, say, cover, write, check' table provided beneath the spelling list.

Friday- Complete a test on your spellings.

Monday Dictionary Skills

In our final full week of home learning we will be doing some broader tasks that revise key concepts and incorporate a bit of fun at the same time! Today we are going to recap on our dictionary skills. Start with this 'Dictionary Knowledge Quiz' and see how many you can get right! Remember if you don't have a dictionary or thesaurus at home you can use an online version instead.

Tuesday Talking & Listening and First News iHub

For Talking & Listening this week, choose at least 3 of the question cards provided to start a discussion with a member of your household.
Remember to log in to the First News iHub and try some of the fantastic activities based on the latest edition of First News.

Wednesday Spelling/ Punctuation/ Grammar

Today we are going to revise a mixture of spelling, punctuation and grammar skills. You are going to do this by solving an 'emoji mystery' where you will have to be the detective and solve the clues to crack the case. Go to your task for more details. Good luck! 
Last week as part of our writing project called 'Animal Magic' you wrote a report on an animal of your choice. This is the last week of the project and this week you will be designing a brochure selling merchandise in your animal park gift shop! The brochure can be one side of a page or longer depending on how many items you want to sell. Have a think of the items you would like to buy at a gift shop, for example, t-shirts, pens, hats, etc. You can design these items and write a little description in your brochure. Don't forget to include the price and lots of powerful adjectives to make your visitors want to buy your products!

Friday Comprehension

You have been learning about pollution as part of your Rivers topic. This week your comprehension will focus on plastic pollution. Watch the video and follow the PowerPoint to find out more before beginning your task.