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Teaching Notes

Hello everyone,

Below are some useful tips to help with lessons this week.

Spelling Activities

Monday: Write the definition for each of your spellings. You can use your dictionary from school or a computer to help you.

Tuesday: Pick two activities from the spelling menu. A picture of the spelling menu can be found in the teaching notes section.

Wednesday: Write an interesting sentence for each of your spellings. Remember to use lots of interesting adjectives and phrases.

Thursday: Use the look, cover, write and check part of your spelling sheet to revise spellings.

Friday: Test on your spellings.

Grammar Activity - Monday

Today’s grammar activity is based on prepositions. Below are some useful tips to help with today’s task.


Prepositions are linking words in a sentence. We use prepositions to explain where things are in time or space. Prepositions tell us where something is (for example, beside, under, on, against, beneath or over) or when something is happening (for example: until, during, after, before or more specifically 'on Christmas Day', 'at twelve o'clock' or 'in August').


The link below is a useful video to show the meaning of prepositions and when to use them:


Talking and Listening - Tuesday


Today’s task is talking and listening.  There will be a different number of tasks. These tasks have a prompt to start either a debate or conversation. This is a great opportunity for your child to talk with family members about different topics and express their opinion. It is also important they give their family members a chance to express their opinion to show demonstrate their listening skills.


Punctuation Activity - Wednesday


Today’s punctuation activity is based on revising capital letters and full stops . Below are some useful links to help with today’s task. Some sentences in the activities can be split into two or can work as long sentences.

This link helps to remind children when to use capital letters:


This link below features different games to help with the use of capital letters and full stops:


Creative Writing - Thursday


Over the next while we will have one focus on our writing. This piece of writing will be based on an island. Each week you will be given a different task to link to your creative writing.


Week 1:

Draw an island. Show places of interest. Make your map as colourful as you can and remember to include a key. You can include such things as forests and rivers, paths and roads, mountains and swamps etc. Remember that a map only shows permanent features not people and vehicles. Your island can be in a real or imaginary sea. It needs a name and the name could be a theme for the rest of the island, for example your island could be called Sport Island and all of the features could be sports or things to do with sports.

Next week you be starting to write about your island. Take your time and enjoy Week 1.


Comprehension and Handwriting - Friday 


This weeks comprehension task is based on our new topic, Natural Disasters. Remember when completing a comprehension:

1. Read the passage

2. Read the questions

2. Read the passage and highlight important information

3. Answer the questions 



This is an opportunity to revisit joined up writing. Pick one of the pieces of writing and copy it using joined up writing. Below is a link to remind children about the letter formation:






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