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Spellings WB 11.05.2020

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Hello everyone,

Below are some useful tips to help with lessons this week.

Spelling Activities

Monday: Write the definition for each of your spellings. You can use your dictionary from school or a computer to help you.

Tuesday: Pick two activities from the spelling menu. A picture of the spelling menu can be found in the teaching notes section.

Wednesday: Write an interesting sentence for each of your spellings. Remember to use lots of interesting adjectives and phrases.

Thursday: Use the look, cover, write and check part of your spelling sheet to revise spellings.

Friday: Test on your spellings.


Grammar Activity - Monday

Today’s grammar activity is based on abbreviations.


Abbreviations are short forms of lengthy expressions or words. It consists of a group of letters taken from the word or phrase. Abbreviations are used in almost every discipline and area of life. One of the most commonly used abbreviations is the United States, which abbreviates as “U.S.”, and its states.


There is a PowerPoint challenge to help test the pupils knowledge on abbreviations.

Below is a video which revises useful abbreviations:


 Talking and Listening - Tuesday


Today’s task is talking and listening.  Look at the cards and discuss what is on them. Make sure that other members of the family are asked to promote good listening skills.


Punctuation Activity - Wednesday


Today’s punctuation activity is based on possessive apostrophes.

How to use a possessive apostrophe

An apostrophe can be used to show that one thing belongs to or is connected to something. This is called a possessive apostrophe .

Let's take a look at some examples.

The cat's tail was fluffy.

Cat is a singular noun so you need to add an apostrophe and "s" to show that the tail belongs to the cat.

Charles' cat was naughty.

Charles is a singular noun that ends in an "s", so you need to add an apostrophe to show that the cat belongs to Charles.


Below is a link to help children understand the use of possessive apostrophes:

There is a PowerPoint which will help with the child’s understanding of possessive apostrophes.


 Creative Writing - Thursday


Over the next while we will have one focus on our writing. This piece of writing will be based on an island. Each week you will be given a different task to link to your creative writing. You should have completed a drawing of your island! Here is the next piece of work. Follow the help sheet for some ideas.


Week 4

Strange noises are heard in the night. You go to investigate some strange sounds and end up trying to talk yourself out of a lot of trouble. Write out your conversation, either in script form or using speech marks.

Watch Episode 3 of Treasure Island:


Comprehension - Friday


This week pupils will be completing a comprehensions. They should ensure that they:

1. Read the passage

2. Read the questions

3. Re-read the passage highlighting important information

4. Answer the questions