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Spellings WB 18.05.20

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Hello everyone,

Below are some useful tips to help with lessons this week.

Spelling Activities

Monday: Write the definition for each of your spellings. You can use your dictionary from school or a computer to help you.

Tuesday: Pick two activities from the spelling menu. A picture of the spelling menu can be found in the teaching notes section.

Wednesday: Write an interesting sentence for each of your spellings. Remember to use lots of interesting adjectives and phrases.

Thursday: Use the look, cover, write and check part of your spelling sheet to revise spellings.

Friday: Test on your spellings.


Grammar Activity - Monday


Today’s grammar activity is based on nouns and verbs:

A noun is a person, place or thing.

A verb is a doing word.


Today’s activity will explore that some words can be nouns and verbs…this can be very confusing!

Watch the videos below as a reminder for what nouns and verbs are:






Talking and Listening - Tuesday


Today’s task is talking and listening.  Look at the cards and discuss what is on them. Make sure that other members of the family are asked to promote good listening skills.



Punctuation Activity - Wednesday


Today’s punctuation activity is based on commas.


comma is a punctuation mark that separates items in a list and marks the divisions within sentences.


The task will be to fix the sentences- ensuring commas are used correctly.


With today’s lesson there will be a PowerPoint to help with the understanding of commas. There will also be a YouTube video.



Creative Writing - Thursday


Over the next while we will have one focus on our writing. This piece of writing will be based on an island. Each week you will be given a different task to link to your creative writing. You should have completed a drawing of your island! Here is the next piece of work. Follow the help sheet for some ideas.


Week 5

You have made some friends on the island and decide to have a party. Design some invitations, explaining the reason for the party and giving details about what will happen. Write a letter to the local musicians to persuade them to provide the music.


Watch Episode 4 of Treasure Island:



Comprehension and Handwriting - Friday 


This week’s comprehension is based on birds that you may find in your garden. Read about the birds and see if there are any that you have spotted.


  1. Read the passage
  2. Read the questions
  3. Read the passage and highlight important information
  4. Answer the questions




This is an opportunity to revisit joined up writing. Pick one of the pieces of writing and copy it using joined up writing. Below is a link to remind children about the letter formation: