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Spellings WB 8/6/2020

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Hello everyone,

Below are some useful tips to help with lessons this week.

Spelling Activities

Monday: Write the definition for each of your spellings. You can use your dictionary from school or a computer to help you.

Tuesday: Pick two activities from the spelling menu. A picture of the spelling menu can be found in the teaching notes section.

Wednesday: Write an interesting sentence for each of your spellings. Remember to use lots of interesting adjectives and phrases.

Thursday: Use the look, cover, write and check part of your spelling sheet to revise spellings.

Friday: Test on your spellings.


Grammar Activity - Monday

Today’s grammar activity is based on brackets. You will be using brackets for parenthesis. This means that you are using brackets to add extra information. Look at the examples below:


I went to the cinema to meet James (my eldest brother).


I love strawberries (and raspberries) but I'm not keen on blueberries.


There is a YouTube video which explains this further.


Talking and Listening - Tuesday


Today’s task is talking and listening.  This weeks tasks are a little different. The sheet will have some questions as well as some talking and listening games to play with others.


Semi colons - Wednesday

Today’s task is based on using semi-colons. There is a video which will explain how to use semi colons and a PowerPoint. A semi-colon can replace a full stop between two or more sentences that share a theme. Complete the worksheet based on semi colons. There will also be a BBC Bitesize link that will help. 


Poetry - Thursday

This week we will be looking at poetry! P7 pupils will become Poetry Detectives as they look at various poems and decide what they like/dislike about the poems. The PowerPoint provided is very helpful with this lesson. Children are encouraged to look at the poems and interpret their meaning by completing the Poetry Detective task. The link below is from BBC Bitesize and explores different types of poetry:


Comprehension - Friday

Today's task is a comprehension. Remember to:

1. Read the passage

2. Read the questions

3. Re-read the passage and highlight information

4. Answer the questions and check