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Teaching Notes

A huge well done to everyone for completing their work so far, it is hard to believe this is the second week of June and we only have two full weeks left! The next two weeks are going to consolidate everything we have covered so far. It will recap on lots of different skills and include all the topic areas: Number, Data Handling, Measures, Shape and Space and the processes involved with using and applying mathematical language.


Monday to Thursday - Summer Activity Maths Mats

Each day this week children are being given a ‘Maths Mat’ to complete. Each mat has 8 sections with a question in each section. An example is shown in the picture below. 


Look carefully at what each section is asking you to do. Check for key vocabulary. In some sections you may be asked to explain an answer or provide a reason for an answer. This will help understand your thinking and the processes you have gone through to solve a calculation or question. 

Let’s look at this example mat and work through the questions.



Section 1- Word Problem

For every 5 red marbles there are 9 blue marbles. If you now you have 15 red marbles that is 3 times what you started with, therefore you must also have 3 times the starting blue amount. The calculation you need to complete is 9 x 3.


Section 2- Algebra

You need to use in the information given in the equation to calculate the y value and x value. You are given the equation y = x - 2

In part a) you are told x = 6, rewrite the equation substituting x with 6, y = 6 - 2, now you can solve it

In part b) you are told y = 5, again rewrite the original equation substituting y with 5, 5 = x - 2. Now you need to work of the value of x using the information you have,


Section 3- Percentages of an Amount

The easiest way to work out the percentage is to convert the percentage to a fraction. What is 25% and 10% as a fraction? Once you work this out you can divide the amount of money by the fraction.


Section 4 - Fractions

When adding or subtracting fractions with different denominator your first step is to find the common denominator and convert the fractions so they both have the same denominator. Once you have done this you can then complete the calculation.


Step 5- Multi-Step Word Problem

This word problem requires you to complete more than one calculation. First you must calculate the cost of the adult tickets (£10 x 18) then you must calculate the cost of the child tickets (£4 x 20), finally you must work out the total cost by adding them together. 

Section 6 - Area of a Triangle 

To calculate the area of a right angle triangle you must multiply the base by the height and divide by 2. In this triangle you need to multiply 12cm by 6cm and then divide by 2. Remember to write in your unit of measurement. 

Section 7 - Angles 

Use you knowledge of shape and angles to calculate the angle shown in the square.


Section 8 - Algebra 

You need to use in the information given in the equation to calculate the r value. You are given the equation r = b-2, substitute the b for 8 and then complete the formula.


How did you get on? Check your answers against the answers below!



Friday - Friday Test and Summer Maths Activity Mat

Complete final Maths Mat.


Friday Test

This week's times table focus was x10. Ask your child their x10 tables in a random order ensuring you cover all times tables from 0 x 10 to 12 x 10.