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Spellings WB 15.06.2020

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Hello everyone,

Below are some useful tips to help with lessons this week.

Spelling Activities

Monday: Write the definition for each of your spellings. You can use your dictionary from school or a computer to help you.

Tuesday: Pick two activities from the spelling menu. A picture of the spelling menu can be found in the teaching notes section.

Wednesday: Write an interesting sentence for each of your spellings. Remember to use lots of interesting adjectives and phrases.

Thursday: Use the look, cover, write and check part of your spelling sheet to revise spellings.

Friday: Test on your spellings.


Grammar Activity - Monday

Today’s grammar activity is based on Alliteration. Alliteration is when words start with the same sound: The slippery snake slithered down the street. Alliteration can be used to make sentences more exciting. Below is a clip from BBC Bitesize which explains this further:


Today's task will focus on the use of alliteration in sentences. There will also be a PowerPoint to help. 


Use the alliteration sheet which has examples to write sentences that use alliteration. 


Book Review - Tuesday


Today’s task is based on reading and involves using Accelerated Reader online:


Using this link children are invited to explore the various books online. This week pupils must select a book based on their topic, Titanic. Children are to complete a book report based on the Titanic book that they have chosen. A book review template will be provided. 


Using Hyphens - Wednesday

Today’s task is based on using hyphens. A hyphen is a punctuation mark. It is used both to join words and to separate syllables. It is often confused with a dash, which is longer. Below is a useful link from BBC Bitesize which helps with the understanding of hyphens:


Playscripts - Thursday

This week we will be looking at writing a script. A script is what actors use to rehearse and the stage directions indicate how the actors should move on stage. This is an opportunity for pupils to create their own play, they will create a story of their choice and actors of their choice. Pupils can use Fairytales or stories they already know to help them. There will be a template divided and  PowerPoint which highlights the features of a Play Script. 


Below are some tips from BBC Bitesize:


Comprehension - Friday

Today's task is a comprehension. Remember to:

1. Read the passage

2. Read the questions

3. Re-read the passage and highlight information

4. Answer the questions and check