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Teaching Notes

We just want to say a huge well done for making it the whole way to the final week of Home Learning. This has been a tricky time for everyone but we are delighted you stuck with the tasks and have made it to the last week. A huge well done to you and to everyone at home who has supported the learning! 

Monday - Friday

This week you are being given a maths mystery to work through and solve. You will be given a booklet with lots of different activities that provide clues to help solve the mystery. These activities are a fun way to explore lots of different mathematical concepts and allow you to put on their detective hats and solve a problem! 



Let’s go through this example together.


The first page tells you the mystery that you are trying to solve. In this investigation, children are asked to uncover who has stolen the gifts from inside the party bags.



The next page gives you a list of possible suspects, one of these will be the culprit and the answer to the problem! It is important to look at all the information in each column.


The next pages are where the maths comes in. Each page asks you to solve a clue using maths. 


By the end of the fives clues, if you have calculated the maths correctly you will have accurately solved the maths mystery!


The mysteries for Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 are different from the example, good luck and have fun putting on your detective hats!