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Try these online activities to get your brain going!


Venn Diagrams


Information for parents on what a Venn diagram is. 


Word Problems - Empty Number Line Help

Grown ups, in class we use the empty number line to help us calculate the answers to word problems. This is a video that might help you understand the method. When you watch the video, imagine you're talking about a word problem:




John had 23 cola bottles but Suzie had 45 cola bottles. How many did they have all together? 








Daniel had 48 toy cars but he gave 22 cars to his little brother Adam. How many did Daniel have left over? 

Adding and Subtracting on an Empty Number Line

This video will help you understand how we use our empty number line to solve word problems.
(The ladies in this video call it an 'open number line, but it means the same)