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Summer Activity Suggestions

We can’t believe we are down to the last two days of term, you have had quite a journey this year and have become a very important part of history; you will be able to look back on this period of lockdown and say “I was part of that.” You have all done so well continuing with Home Learning and we are proud of each and everyone of you. 

Enjoy your summer, spend time with your family, have kitchen discos and picnics outside, do things you love and things that make you happy. Build yourself up ready for your next big step.


The activities below are suggested activities that you can dip in and out of over the summer. Some of these will help you with your move to your post primary school, others will keep your numeracy and literacy ticking over while some are for your creative side and for fun. 


Class of 2020 you are all superstars!




Numeracy Activities 


Children should continue to log into Mathletics, while there won’t be set tasks from the teachers, children can still use the resource.


Times Table Rock Stars

Children should continue to log into TTRS to improve their recall of the times tables. times table recall can sometimes drop after the summer break, these are a foundation for other mathematical areas so they are worthwhile to keep practising.

BBC KS2 Bitesize Website

The BBC Bitesize website has lots of useful information, lessons and activities. If you have struggled with a concept during the year and want to go over it again or simply to revise an area go onto the website then ‘Daily Lessons’ and navigate your way through the pages to find an area to revisit.

Lessons are split up into an explanation and then an activity. There are also lots of games you can explore too. Click on the link below for more.


Maths Websites 

Below are a list of websites which you can use to play maths games.



Maths Frame -

Topmarks -

Oxford Owl -

Crick Web -

Math Factor (free 21 day trial then a monthly subscription) -


Maths Mystery

Below are some 'maths mysteries' to work through and solve. You will be given a booklet with lots of different activities that provide clues to help solve the mystery. These activities are a fun way to explore lots of different mathematical concepts and allow you to put on their detective hats and solve a problem! 


Literacy Activities

Try and continue with your reading over the summer! Reading should be relaxing and fun so take this opportunity to try different books and relax with reading.



All Elmgrove pupils are able to access MyOn throughout the summer using the login below. MyOn offers various online books based on different genres. It also gives pupils the opportunity to read various news articles.


Go to and enter your login information:

  1.          a. School Name: Elmgrove Primary School
             (type the first few letters and select from the drop-down menu)
             b. Username: elmgrove952student
             c. Password: read
  2. Click on the Sign In button, select a book, and start reading!





Remember that you can access iHub during the summer. The iHub is a digital reading platform that is updated weekly with topical debates, polls, comprehensions, word puzzles and writing challenges. Login to iHub to earn points for your class. Remember logins can be found on our website.


Oxford Owl

Oxford Owl is a great website for online books and it is free to access. This website comes with lots of books and activities online. Create a login for free and start reading.


BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize is a great website to revise various literacy topics. There is a range of videos and games to support children in their learning. This website provides children with the opportunity to revise various aspects of literacy in a fun and interactive way.


Transition Activites

Transition from primary to secondary school is a time of excitement and anxiety for both you and your parents. New surroundings, new friends, new challenges, and new choices are all on offer as you open the door on the first days of school. Over the summer you may be thinking a lot about what life will be like at secondary school. Below are some activities that you can do in order to prepare yourself for your new school. 


Short Films- BBC Bitesize

To help students transition from primary to secondary school the BBC has partnered with YoungMinds Find your Feet project, aimed at enabling schools to actively support the mental health and emotional well-being of children as they start the next chapter in their lives. Open the link below to watch five short films that focus on key topics associated with commencing secondary school.


Final Transition Booklet 2020

This booklet is yours to help you get ready for your new school in September. I hope that you find it useful!


Design a School Uniform

Your new secondary school will have high expectations of its staff and students (YOU!), and encourage you to participate in school life. Use the activity below to help you reflect on the values of your new school!

Breathing Exercises 

It is widely accepted that breathing exercises are one of the most effective ways to help both children and adults calm down. If you are feeling a little anxious about starting your new school, try some of the breathing exercises outlined in the document below. 

Class of 2020 Poem

2020 has been a very strange year for us all. The poem below will remind you of all the good times you had at primary school and will hopefully put a smile on your face!


Art Activities

3D Net Outlines

Can you remember back to the beginning of the year, when we were still altogether in school and were studying the nets of 3D shapes? We used our knowledge of net outlines to construct our own class ‘Geocity’ and we followed net-related instructions to build an ‘Angry Bird’. These two activities will remind you a lot of our Angry Bird instructions. Armed with scissors and glue, follow the steps to build both a potted flower and the fanciest paper plane you’ve ever seen! Remember: cut along the solid lines, fold up on the long dotted lines, fold down on the short dotted lines and glue the number tabs in order!

General Art Challenge Cards

We all like to doodle from time to time, so let’s make it constructive! Click on the link below to view eight art challenge cards – that’s more than enough for one challenge per week over the summer break. Each card contains an art challenge that looks simple enough to begin with, but requires thought and creativity. Completing one challenge card per week will keep your brain refreshed and your hand familiar with what it’s like to hold a pencil, especially before starting your new school in August. Some challenges are a little silly and some are trickier than they appear; it’s completely up to you in which order you complete the challenges. They are good fun, we promise!

Create Your Own Memory Box

We have heard of P7s in the past who have had their own memory boxes; these were simply little boxes or jars in which they kept little things that reminded them of their time in primary school! These things could include: photographs, pieces of work, Christmas cards from classmates, choir/orchestra badges, football medals, end-of-year survival kits from teachers…the list goes on. We thought it was a lovely idea! Why don’t you grab some spare materials around the house and create your own memory box? Here is a video to get your creativity flowing.

How to Make a Memory Box |

Hand Print Sunflowers

We know that you will be grown-up, mature Year 8s in a few months’ time, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a messy summer craft! Relive your Primary 1 days by following the attached instructions, in which you need to use your hands to complete this painting exercise. Lots of people love sunflowers; the end result is ideal if you’re looking to make your own card for someone over the summer break.