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World Around Us


Two weeks ago we learnt about the various habitats animals can live in. Use the habitat and animal cards below to sort the animals into where you think they should live. Explain your reasoning to your grown up.

What do you think the word 'adaptation' means?


Adaptation is the way in which an animal has changed to survive better in the habitat (or environment it lives in).


Use the powerpoint below to look at some animals and see how they have adapted to their environments. 

There are instructions in the powerpoint to guide you through a simple science experiment. Hopefully the materials are ones that you have lying around the house!

Experiment Time!

How do Whales, Penguins, and Polar Bears Keep Warm?

Have you ever wondered how animals can live in super cold places all the time? Jessi shows you how some cool animals like whales, polar bears, and penguins have adapted to their environment