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World Around Us Lesson 1



World Around Us - Natural Disasters

I hope that you enjoyed learning about volcanoes in space last week. This week you will be looking at earthquakes!


Lesson 12 – An introduction to earthquakes!

In this lesson you will be learning about earthquakes. Although the ground we walk on seems completely solid, the Earth is actually made up of huge pieces of flat rock called tectonic plates. These move very, very slowly, and places where they meet are called faults. When these plates rub together, the movement forces waves of energy to come to the earth’s surface. We feel this on the Earth’s surface as an earthquake. Earthquakes can sometimes be nothing more than small tremors or shakes, but sometimes they can cause damage and devastation. When you work through today’s lesson, some of the information may sound familiar to you because of the previous work you have done on volcanoes. Our planet sure is an interesting place!


Step 1 – Open the ‘BBC Bitesize’ link, watch the short video and read the information on earthquakes

Step 2 – Complete the quiz at the bottom of the link