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World Around Us Lesson 1



World Around Us - Natural Disasters

I hope that you enjoyed learning about earthquakes last week. This week you will be looking at how to prepare for an earthquake and how they are measured.  


Lesson 14 – The Richter Scale

In this lesson you will be learning about how earthquakes are measured. The Richter magnitude scale is a scale of numbers used to tell the size of earthquakes. Charles Richter developed the Richter Scale in 1935. Seismographs are used to measure the magnitude of earthquakes. You are unlikely to feel a magnitude 3 earthquake but magnitude 6 earthquakes could potentially cause large damage.


Step 1 – Watch the ‘Richter Scale’ YouTube video

Step 2 – Open and read the ‘Richter Scale’ PowerPoint (slides 3-5)

Step 3 – Complete the ‘Richter Scale Table’ worksheet

Step 4 – Check and mark your answers by looking at slide 6 on the ‘Richter Scale’ PowerPoint

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