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World Around Us Lesson 2



World Around Us – Natural Disasters


Lesson 4 – Different types of volcanoes

In this lesson you will focus on the different types of volcanoes. There are the three main types of volcanoes and each type has its own unique and remarkable qualities.

Step 1 – Read slides 11 – 14 of the ‘All About Volcanoes’ PowerPoint

Step 2 – Watch the ‘Different types of volcanoes’ YouTube video

Step 3 – Read the ‘Volcano Factsheet’ and highlight information that you think is important or interesting

Step 4 – Complete the ‘Types of Volcanoes’ worksheet

*The answers are on a separate document which you will need to open


Different Types of Volcanoes

In this video, you will review what a volcano is, and learn about the different types of volcanoes.