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Over the next few weeks we will be focusing on Art activities that link with our new topic, ‘Natural Disasters’. I hope that you enjoyed the painting activity last week!


Lesson 3 – ‘The Scream’

This week in Art you will be looking at a famous painting called ‘The Scream’. It was painted by an artist called Edvard Munch. Some say that the painting may have been partially inspired by the 1883 volcano on Krakatoa. It is arguably one of the most recognisable paintings in the world. ‘The Scream’ depicts a human figure whose face is distorted by an expression of overwhelming terror and anxiety; the landscape behind the figure consists of a fiery sky above a bleak body of water. This week you are going to paint a picture of ‘The Scream’. If you do not have paint, you could also use pastels or chalks. It is important to look closely at the colours that are used and how Munch used curved and straight lines.


Step 1 - Read ‘The Scream’ PowerPoint

Step 2 -  Watch ‘The Scream’ YouTube video

Step 3 – Open ‘The Scream Painting’ document

Step 4 – Begin painting ‘The Scream’

*Do not panic by thinking that your painting has to be exactly like the one in the PowerPoint. Give it your best shot and most importantly, enjoy it!

The Scream Art Lesson

A brief descritption of -The Scream- by Edvard Munch, geared towards an elementary art class.