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Pastoral Care

Pastoral care refers to looking after the personal and social well-being of children. It involves a huge range of issues including:
  • Child health
  • Social and moral issues
  • Behaviour management
  • Emotional support
  • Child protection


Elmgrove Primary School is committed to the promotion of a safe, stimulating, positive and caring environment for all pupils, teachers and adults involved in the life of the school. We have a caring and family orientated ethos and the staff are fully committed to the welfare and safety of the pupils. The pupils feel safe and secure and understand that their concerns will be listened to sympathetically and appropriate action taken. Home/school links are an integral part of the Pastoral Care provision within school.

Very inclusive school who treat pupils and parents in high regard”

School Development Survey Parent Contribution

Children are taught through Personal Development and Mutual Understanding lessons to recognise dangers and learn how to keep themselves safe. Themes include: feelings and emotions, health, growth, change, safety, rights and responsibilities, similarities and differences. Drugs awareness, internet safety and stranger dangers programmes are also delivered at age appropriate levels throughout the school.

We have two counsellors from iSupportU who work in school, these trained professional support children and families through a range of issues. Children can attend sessions after being referred, for P6/P7 children there is also a drop in service available.