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Welcome to the Elmgrove Primary School website. We trust that as you navigate through the site, you will gather information about our school and gain an insight into the learning experience we provide. The primary school years are a significant time for both you and your child. Your child's world opens up to encompass new experiences and for you as a parent, it means entrusting your child to the care of a teacher and the influence of a school.
We recognise that the primary school years are the most formative in your child's life, and so create a positive, caring and child centred environment in which your child will be nurtured and grow.
Elmgrove Primary School is an intrinsic part of the local community and we place great emphasis on sustaining a positive learning partnership between home and school. With your support, co-operation and encouragement, we look forward to working together, to ensure that your child's time at our school will be fulfilling and rewarding.
No website can adequately convey the real atmosphere in a school and so I would invite you to come and see Elmgrove Primary School for yourself. I will be only too delighted to meet with you, show you our facilities and demonstrate the work that we do.

J E Jeffers

“Elmgrove has a fantastic was to make a child love school, they make every part of learning enjoyable for the children.” 

School Development Survey Parent Contribution

A Day In The Life At Elmgrove

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