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1960s Class Photo (c.1961)

Infant Class 2 (c.1961)

Re the pic with infant class and female teacher, I am in second row, teacher is I believe Miss Arlow. some children in class were as follows.
Kay Morgan, (beautiful red hair) Iris Spratt, both these girls and myself went all through Elmgrove and Orangefield together until I left in 1968, Other children are, Tom Story,, Billy Bingham (not the footballer) Billy Cupples, Jackie Grimison?? Jackie Hanvey...oh what memories!
Eileen Power

The class 2 (1961) photograph gave me quite a start because I am in it!
I am the little angel at the end of the middle row on the left. My name is Jim McMullanÊand I attended Elmgrove between 1958 and 1965 going on with several fellow pupils to Grosvenor.My address at the time was 8 Dunraven Crescent were my parents still live.
The only other person I can positively identify is the little girl in the white dress with her arms folded at the end of the middle row right. Her name is Marie Cochrane and she was one of the others who went to Grosvenor.
Other pupils who at the end of their time went to Grosvenor were Charle Nixon,John Coulter, Billy GaultÊ,Roy Ferguson and Patricia Campbell. Unfortunately I cannot recognise any of these people from the photograph.
Jim McMullan

My thanks to Eileen and Jim for the information about this photo. If you see yourself contact us.

A parent has contacted me - it's alway amazing how people spot themselves - the girl on the far right of the picture in the background (left hand is held towards mouth) was Linda McCarley of 4 Crystal Street Belfast who started at Elmgrove in September 1959 and finished in June 1966. Thanks!