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1975 School Concert - Photos and Programme

Roberta Morrow, front row in the purple flowery dress. To the left of Roberta might be Arlene Dawson
Leah Murdoch is the second from left in the front row in the purple dress. I remember Roberta Neill very well and am sending her an e-mail tonight. Second from the right in the front row might be Linda McCartney. 6th from left in front row is Bernice Johnson or Johnston. Look at the dwarf with his arm up blocking a giril in a white dress. To the left of the girl in the white dress is Caroline Gaw - I remember Caroline very well!! She was a good friend. As someone else mentioned, this was a play of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The choir sang throughout the play or at the end. That is why we were dressed up, but not in costume - we just had to look fancy!!