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Article from East Belfast News Thursday March 18, 1999
Writing on the wall for artists

Kids from east Belfast have been bringing their paretns and grandparents back to school with them - and now the fruits of their labours in the classroom are being displayed.
The talent and commitment of the three generations - who attended a scheme in Van Morrison's old primary school - produced a collection of artworks which were unveiled on Wendesday, March 10.
The project was run in Elmgrove Primary School on the Beersbridge Road and the 60 participants painted murals, carved tree trunks and had a smashing time breaking up pottery they had made into tiny pieces to form Roman style mosaics.
The results are so impressive they've already been on display in Connswater Shopping Centre, they're about to form an exhibition at the Ulster Bank and they've been requested by the Engine Room Gallery on the Newtownards Road in a scheme linking up with America.
The scheme was the brainchild of specialist art teacher Mrs. Beattie.
The four month pilot project brought in four specialist community artists. the families gave up their Saturdays from September and such was their enthusiasm they even asked for homework.
The mised-age group proved a real hit and a survey at the conclusion showed they all want to do it again.
The scheme was made possible because of Lottery funding, and has proved so successful that elmgrove are planning a three-year follow up project.
According to Mrs Beattie it has worked wonders for the confidence and self-esteem of the participants. One grandmother said she had to keep going back to look at her piece of work to believe she'd actually done it.
Another participant who was hospitalised through illness during the scheme, was back to the classroom staright after being discharged - and then took his work home with him to catch up.
A mother, whose foot was crushed by a lorry, left her Christmas shopping undone yet hobbled back with her leg in plaster to finish the scheme.


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