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Art in School 1999 - 2000 : Composers

The Music Room was repainted - it used to be a very dark room as it only has one small window. It has been repainted and many of the children have been involved in producing artwork on a musical theme to be put inside. One of the projects was using light and shade to draw pictures of some of famous composers.
Verdi by N.C.
Saent Saens by  N.L.
Verdi by R.McC.
Vaughan Williams by R.R.
Saint Saens by S.H.
Handel by C.A.
Bach by C.Y.
by J.B.
J.B. Stauss by J.B.
Saent Saens  by J. McC.
Puccini by J.S.
Tchaikovsky by K. H.
Brahms by L.N.
Puccini by L. R.
Mozart by M.E.
Rossini by N.A.