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Brian Mawhinney presenting pupils with a video at a quiz 1988

Dr. Brian Mawhinney was Education Minister in Northern Ireland from around 1986 to 1992. He is the tanned man in the photos. It is obviously some sort of quiz held at the Y.M.C.A. and we obviously won a video (still giving us excellent service!). I have a video recorder from the same company with a bigger digit on the model bought in December 1990 so these photos must be from before then. The lady (I think) is local newsreader Lynda Bryans. If you know or can name anybody in these photos contact us.

According to an email from Kenneth Boyd in the photo of the presentation of the video on the right are Mark Haggan and Nigel Stevenson. He believes the date to be 1988.
We received an email from Mark Haggan about the event :
Mr Livingston

That's me in the photo's it was 1988 in a quiz held in the YMCA in Belfast (obviously) we were paired with St. Malachy's primary as it was a cross community venture, I still have the press cuttings.

Mark Haggan