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Christine Reid (1968 - 1975)

Dear Mr Livingston,
I can't tell you how delighted I was to find not only an Elmgrove Web Site but one with such input from former pupils and from what I can see, fond memories for I couldn't help but add my bit.
I too am a former pupil sept 68 - june 75.
My teachers were
P1..Miss Stewart.
P2..Miss Downey.
P3..Miss Black.
P4..(and I'm surprised no one has yet mentioned), Mrs Swann, a lovely lovely teacher who took me under her wing, inviting myself and my brother Jim to her house on the Holywood Road for tea.
P5..Miss Dempsey, who is now a P7 Year Head at Strandtown School (sorry should I say Year 7)
P6..Miss Hunniford.
And last but not least
P7..Mr Simpson.
How do I remember them all?, easy, I still have my "CERTIFICATE OF SCHOOL ATTENDANCE" card which had to be issued to each pupil when withdrawing from the school, on it are the year endings, the classes attended and how many days attended each year.
I also have as a prized possession a Certificate to say I gained "First Place" in the Girls Under 11 Long Jump in June, 1974, (not too bad for a girl who had to start Secondary School wearing a 7 to 8 year old pinafore as I was so tiny, barely 3'), .. I knew those river jumps at the waterfall out the front of the school I spent all my time on would lead to something...
Ah the memories I have of Mr Simpson trailing us all off to Drumalla House or White Park Bay, especially when I got a touch of Hypothermia and everyone having to crowd round me to get some heat back into me, (in fact I'm still the same) and getting to drink all the soup,... actually I think at one point they got really worried..
My sisters and brothers also attended, they being Joan (which someone has already noticed in a photo), Karen, Ronald and Jim and they would have attended from 1960 onwards, until I left in 1975, but it doesn't stop there..
My father Ronald also attended Elmgrove (I believe he and Dr Hunter shared a classroom back then)??, as did his brothers and sisters and they would have attended from 1937 onwards until around 1948 and 1949. They were Isobel, Ronald, Jim, Hugh and Hilary Reid.
Hilary is now Professor Hilary Reid, but received an O.B.E. in this years January Awards under her married name of Mrs Hilary Harrison.
Surprisingly enough most of my family have attended Elmgrove, and most of them have passed their eleven plus or qualifing as some call it (I was the black sheep I think).
I continue to have immediate Family attend, in fact just this year my niece Caroline Truesdale passed her eleven plus, and you are now educating my Great nephews and nieces.
So for 65 years (or more) Elmgrove Primary School has been nurturing and educating the whole of my family and I'm quite sure you haven't finished yet,..did I mention I have a enough yet, he only turned 1 on 28th March 2002.
Regards and well done on such an excellent site.
Chrsitine (REID) Robinson