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Cleaning - Thought to be around 1984 - 1985

If you know anything or can name anybody in these photos contact us.
Miss Dawson wondered if one of the girls is Karen Alexander which places this picture in the early 80s if so.
Andrea Fraser writes :
I can name the people in this picture, I think the certificates are for conservation work we did planting trees just up from the Bloomfield Walkway one Saturday afternoon. I think it was in 1984-5.
Front row is Andrea Fraser, Clare Bowden, Gillian Shaw, Paul Ellis, Julie Chapman and Rochelle Brown.
Back row is Simon McCullough, Judith Hunter, Nicola McCurdy, ???, Julie Hamilton, Karen Alexander and Ruth McNerlan.
An email was received from Karen Alexander
What a shock I got when my brother e-mailed me this link! Wow I didn't realise that I was part of this long forgotten photo! Yes indeed one of the girls is me (Karen Alexander) although I have changed quite a bit (not least the 80s hairstyle!) Andrea Fraser has named everyone else I know, except the Simon she was talking about is Simon McCullough who as far as I am aware went on to University in Dundee. unfortunately I can't make out the other missing person, which is a pity as I would love to know who that was!
I had an excellent time at Elmgrove and this photo brought back many sadly forgotten good memories!
Best wishes