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David McAllister (1973 - 1979)

As a former pupil at Elmgrove it was a joy to visit the school website. I attended ELMGROVE from 1973-1979 and in fact live near the school. My teachers included Mrs Holmes, Mrs Lapen and Mrs Manson and the headmaster was Doctor Hunter. After Elmgrove I went on to attend Orangefield Secondary School and obtained 5 CSE exams. At present I work as a Sales Rep for a local wholesaler. In 1996 I came to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and now attend Calvary Baptist Church, Dee Street. At the weekends I would also do a bit of street preaching, and also give lectures on the cults and occult through THE BREDA CENTRE oppostite FORESETSIDE SHOPPING CENTRE. In my spare time I maintain 3 websites for different Christian ministries. Anyhow I have spent hours looking over the site the last few nights and it is very good.
The website is very, very good.

God Bless
David McAllister