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David McCambley (1980s?- 1980s?)

Hello Mr. Livingston,
I love the site, I was looking up my name on and came across these very familiar faces from my old class. The teacher walking up the hill is Mr. McCallion.
The photo with Phil, Norman, Mark and John is great, believe it or not Phil and I are still best of friends 22 years later!.
After Elmgrove I went to Grosvenor. The photos of the trip to Drumalla was my class but I can't remember which year it was. My teachers were

Mrs Holmes
Mrs Downey
Mrs Cole
Miss Knox
Mrs Wilson
Mrs Manson
Mr Simpson

I am currently Seconded as the Safety Officer for North Down Borough Council.
My parents are also ex pupils, my father was there from 1948-1950 at the same time as a teacher called Annie "Bluedrawers" Archer (apparently she always wore blue)

David McCambley