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Edith Wilson (1932 - 1937)

Dear Sir,
May I take the opportunity of introducing myself. As an ex. pupil of Elmgrove P.E. School at int inception, I was compelled to send my congratulations, for if my meory serves me right, the school will be 70 years old this year.
My name will mean nothing to you but at nine years old as Edith Wilson of Duinraven Avenue, I was enrolled at a new school.
I can hardly imagine that any of my teachers are still alive but their names come readily to my mind. Mr. McRoberts, Mr. Marks, Mr. Walker, Miss Douglas, Miss Kidney and Mrs Archer to name some.
It was a good school and although I cannot claim to a great deal of success educatioanlly, I was generally happy there. My greatest memory lies with the teaching of Miss Kidney, for she was very dedicated to her pupils. I can claim success to becoming a good house wife in the manner of cooking, knitting and mothering. 
I left at the age of fourteen with very little to recommend me for a successful future but there must have been a good grounding somewhere. I am now in my 79th year and retired, but have memories of working in the Civil Service at the ofice of the commissioner of the police, after serving for nearly 5 years in the W.A.A.F. during the war. In conclusion, may I congratulate the school and trust that the staff will realise their efforts are not in vain.
Your sincerely,

Edith de Veer (nee Wilson)