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Eileen McPhillips (1957 - 1964/65)

Hello ,
My name is Eileen Power nee McPhillips, I was a pupil at Elmgrove PS from 1957-1964/65 when I left to attend Orangefield girls secondary school. Looking at the photo of the female teachers I believe I know at least 3 of them!
The first lady on left of photo I think is Miss Smyth p3 teacher and also music teacher, second Miss Arlow p2 teacher, im almost certain 3rd lady is Miss Ann Kenny(my favourite teacher) she taught p4,5and6,classes at different stages. I believe the year was 1961,and remember photos being taken one day at Easter time, though I've no idea why. I also think the infant class picture of girls is one i was in,but its quite blurred and I cant be sure. I cant tell you how thrilled I was to find so much information online about my old school. Mr Clementson was Headmaster during my time there, MrFulton vice head, and Mr Hunter was also p7 teacher, of the *A* stream kids. Thankyou for all the memories brought back so vividly.
re the pic with infant class and female teacher, I am in second row, teacher is I believe Miss Arlow. some children in class were as follows.
Kay Morgan, (beautiful red hair) Iris Spratt, both these girls and myself went all through Elmgrove and Orangefield together until I left in 1968, Other children are, Tom Story,, Billy Bingham (not the footballer) Billy Cupples, Jackie Grimison?? Jackie Hanvey...oh what memories! Its wonderful I can show these to my grandchildren. Thankyou
Eileen Power