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Gary Clarke (1964 - 1972)

Hello Mr Livingston, first of all I would like to congratulate you on the website for Elmgrove School I was thrilled to see it on the internet in Australia. My name is Gary Clarke and I attended Elmgrove from 1964 to 1972 I lived in Greenville Road and emigrated to Australia in 1978. I have two children here Erin 9 old and Daniel who is just three weeks old. I work as a police officer in Sydney.

I believe that I know a few people in your photograph including myself. I don't know how I can point them out to you but I believe that the third boy from the left is Raymond Wilson the boy next to him is Richard Drysdale. I think that I am the boy looking towards the stars sixth from the left and behind the boy waving. I know I was in Miss McBride's class but as you can appreciate it was a very long time ago.

Hope this has been of some assistance and if you like I will try and have someone who is still in Belfast to have a look to see what they can come up with.

Once again well done on your website and say "G'day" to all those students at Elmgrove. Bye for now.

Gary Clarke
Sydney Australia.



Another message from Gary:
Hi. Well I have managed to get in contact with a girl back there called Lynn Gray she also went to Elmgrove and we grew up together. She is a year younger than me but we ended up in the same class early on. I have asked her to have a look at the website to see if she can put any names to faces. She still lives in the area so hopefully she will be able to help out.