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Geordie Canavan (1965 - 1972)

My name is Geordie Canavan and my sister put me in touch with your site. She is in the photo as per subject, her name is Ruth nee Canavan, now O'Sullivan and she lives in Castletownbere in West Cork now. As far as I know Sammy Creighton is a solicitor in Bloomfield Avenue.

I also went to Elmgrove, the same year as Joan (Davidson as she was then) who has already emailed. I haven't seen anyone I recognised so far but the names are definitely there and faces are starting to come back. That was 1965 I started I think. We lived on the Beersbridge Road then, on the corner of Abetta Parade and my mother still lives there. In my class then was also Clive Fullerton (I think he is a Belfast solicitor) and Steven Stockton who went to the forces I think. Karl Hearst was in aerospace and Colin Davidson I met again for the first time since leaving just late last year.

I remember all the names that Joan mentions and will try and recall some more. If I do I will email again.

Best regards for now and regards to all my old class mates.