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Girls From the Early 1970s

Group Photo - Early 1970s

Two former pupils wrote to tell me the latest this could have been taken was June 1972. If so the teacher was Dr. Hunter initially until Mr. Clemetson's retirement, and Mr. Ivan Jess. One pupil is still without a surname - if you know it contact us.

Back: Karen Crothers, Sandra Corbett, Adrienne Fleming, Joan Davidson
Middle: Alison, Colleen Sloan, Heather Dempster, Diane Carr, Lynn Gray, Lorraine McKnight
Front: Colleen Wilkinson, Sharon Bleakley, Pamela Wharton, Beverly Patterson



I can't tell you the joy it give me to see this photo I think it's my P7 class. If so I would guess that the girl in purple middle row could be Lorraine McKnight. The girl in green at the other end from her expression would be Colleen Sloan. The names of others came flooding back and I would be very interested if you have named them all. If so have you named the girl at the end of the back row (without the hairband) as i think it is me. I don't remember having photos taken but I recognise nearly every one. It's incredible as we are all 40 this year and P7 is so long ago. But starting with the girl at the back row with the white hairband I think it reads as follows: Karen Crothers, Sandra Corbett ( unsure of the next one) then maybe me Joan Davidson. The next row is Alison (can't remember surname) Colleen Sload, Heather Dempster (can't remember the name of the next one but recognise her, then maybe Lynn Gray, Lorraine McKnight, Front row Colleen Wilkinson, Sharon Blakely, Pamela Wharton ( by the way she was my bridesmaid and I am going to her 40th birthday BBQ this saturday and lastly Beverley Patterson.

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