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Henry Shearman (1978?- 1984?)

Dear Sir
I would like to offer my help in any way I can to make history more fun for the children at your school,
I am myself an ex pupil of Elmgrove, albeit a long time ago, after leaving Elmgrove I moved on to Orangefield Boys although I had to move to England during my attendance there, I would be particularly interested in helping generate an intrest in human rights around the world especially where it touches upon the lives of children.
The time I spent at Elmgrove has stayed with me throughout my life (I am 27 years old) and i am keen to put something back into the system that gave me so much, whilst I was at Elmgrove I was enrolled under the surname of Leckey. at the present I work for Cable and Wireless as a data transmission engineer.
Thankyou for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon
Henry D Shearman