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Janine Rodriguez (1973 - 1979)

I'm enjoying looking through the Concert programmes !!! I've just foung my name in 1976 Pied Piper (I was a rat) I'll never forget that experience !!! I'm in there again in 1979 Toad of Toad Hall as a juror !!!! I've just printed them off as a keepsake !!
I must say this is a great job you're doing !!!! Keep up the good work! I just discovered the page by accident !!!!
My maiden name was and still is brother Paul also went to Elmgrove, 2 yrs before me. I was there from, I think, 1973 to 1979...and yes all those names do ring a bell !!! I have Ms Holmes to thank for my sewing/knitting skills...ha ha...and one one of my last home trips to Belfast, I visited with Mum but as it was in the afternoon, everyone had left. We had however a super "tour" from one of the cleaning ladies !!!!!!

Janine Rodriquez