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Jim Beattie (1947 - 1953)

Dear Mr. Livingston,
Hello from Bothwell, Ontario, Canada. I am Jim Beattie. I lived at 26 Grove Street East when I was a boy and started in "Infants"--I think that is what they called it then. I think they also had "Baby Infants" but I didn't go to that. I was born in 1943 so I am not sure what year I was enrolled in the school. I continued on to some higher grades until 1953 when our family moved to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, about an hour from Toronto. Everybody seems to know where Toronto is. 
I live about three hours from Toronto now in a little town of 900 people I heard about the web site from Robert Baker. I believe his chilren go to your school. 
I came to know him because he is a born again Christian and so am I. I am associated with non-denominational groups of Christians who meet in Gospel Halls around the world. I am a preacher of the Gospel giving my full time to teaching the Bible and particularly telling people how they can be sure they can be in Heaven without works through trusting Christ as their Saviour.
I have happy memories of being at the school there. The last year I was there, I was in an end room--I think. If I were looking at the school from the front, I believe I was in a room on the left end. Somehow I think there was a little river running by that way. But I haven't been back. I am now 56 so that would be 46 years ago.
I was thrilled that you are on the Internet. My sister Dorothy lives in the town of Bothwell too and I told her about the Internet site. She has gone there, but has not contacted you as far as I know.
Warm Greetings to my old school and to you,
Jim Beattie