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Joan Power (nee Davidson) (1965 - 1972)

I can't tell you the joy it give me to see this photo I think it's my P7 class. If so I would guess that the girl in purple middle row could be Lorraine McKnight. The girl in green at the other end from her expression would be Colleen Sloan. The names of others came flooding back and I would be very interested if you have named them all. If so have you named the girl at the end of the back row (without the hairband) as i think it is me. I don't remember having photos taken but I recognise nearly every one. It's incredible as we are all 40 this year and P7 is so long ago. But starting with the girl at the back row with the white hairband I think it reads as follows: Karen Crothers, Sandra Corbett ( unsure of the next one) then maybe me Joan Davidson. The next row is Alison (can't remember surname) Colleen Sload, Heather Dempster (can't remember the name of the next one but recognise her, then maybe Lynn Gray, Lorraine McKnight, Front row Colleen Wilkinson, Sharon Blakely, Pamela Wharton ( by the way she was my bridesmaid and I am going to her 40th birthday BBQ this saturday and lastly Beverley Patterson.
Please put me out of my misery and let me know if I have remembered these correctly and if you know the ones I don't know.
Thanks a million for this webside....and I intend to visit it regularly.
Best wishes
Joan Power (nee Davidson)


Second email from Joan
You will never believe this but my sister is in this photo, Eileen Davidson. She thinks she knows about 4 people and she is almost as excited as I was when I spotted my photo.
okay so front row first girl in white cardigan is Julie Edgar, next one might be Joan Reid, next one my sister Eileen Davidson, 7th girl is Brenda Shaw ( has not changed one bit and married a guy called Victor Shaw who would have been a year above her) *th is Sharon Jamieson with white hairband. ( My sister met her again while in labour with her second child in 1986 - Sharon was a midwife!)
Start of second row she thinks is Mary (someone) and maybe next to her is Heather who used to sing the 40 shades of green as her party piece.
She wants to know who everyone is can you give us what you know. She is not on email at home.
Now she claims my Mum might know Mary's surname as she lived in the first house in Flora St
My 4 cousins and both sisters went to Elmgrove so I will do a bit of digging for you. And would you believe my Dad has just called and he went to Elmgrove around 1933 just a few years after it opened and I never knew this.
Talk again soon I hope
Joan Power (nee Davidson)