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Karyn Lorimer (1976 - 1983)

Dear Mr. Livingston,

Thanks for writing back. With regards to the photo of the presentation in the 70's, my Mum dates it to the late 70's / early 80's.

The presentation had been organised by my Mum (Jean Carlisle) in the blue coat and her friend Mary McCausland ~ whose daughter Arlene attended Elmgrove from '75 to '82

Regarding the photo of "children on Con O'Neill bridge" this photo was taken in '83 and they were in Mr.Simpson's P7 class. Their names are from L - R:
Christine Clarke, Julie Hicks?, Rachel Elliott, Karen Shields, Michelle Moffett, Suzanne Thompson and Marlene Bates (who I work with in the Civil Service in Belfast).

I attended Elmgrove from 1976 to 1983 and really enjoyed my time there.
My teachers were in P1 - Mrs Andrews (who I loved)
P2 - Miss Thompson
P3 - Mrs Dunne
P4 - Miss Roulston ( I believe this was the year she started in Elmgrove)
P5 - Miss Wyms (This is probably the wrong spelling!)
P6 - Mrs Manson (We use to watch "how we used to live " in WW2)
P7 - Mr McCallion
Who was great fun, and I especially remember he had a lie detector machine, (which he controlled with a switch that he hid in his pocket) and he would use this on any pupils in his class and ask them silly questions and if you told a "lie" the hat would flash!

During my time at Elmgrove I lived in 8 Bloomfield Street, and my house was knocked down to make way for the new Connswater shopping Centre which was being built around '83 or so.

After Elmgrove, I attended Grosvenor which I didn't like particularly. As so did my younger sister Kimberley Carlisle who was at Elmgrove from '84 to '90 and then went to GHS as well.

I also think that alot of pupils in my time at Elmgrove had previously come from the new nursery in Ravenscroft Ave. As I know I was among the first to go there when it opened in 1975.
Back in the mid 90's, I actually met Mrs.Skelton when she came to the Schools Library Service in Ulidia when I worked for BELB as a Library Assistant.

Please do include me with the other pupil letters, it's great you have taken the time to organise these photos of the school down the years and to see some of the old faces once again! Keep up the good work!

Karyn Lorimer